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February 8th 2020 - Present
Currently, for every purchase, we are donating $1 towards building a Secondary School in Kenya. We have partnered with CARM Schools, and the school will be built in the Kikambala village, which is located on the north coast of Mombasa (Kenya), and is home to about 20,000 people. Most of the residents are subsistent farmers and fishermen and live under a dollar a day. 

Kikambala village has a Primary School, which serves about 1500 students. The proposed CARM Schools Kikambala is a 270 student Secondary School that will be built on the adjacent land to the Primary School. CARM Schools was designed (with the community) upon the realisation that students in the Kikambala village were not able to gain a Secondary education because of the lack of Secondary Schools in the area. This causes many of the students to get forced into vices such as early marriages, pregnancies, human trafficking, etc.

The Vision for this Project is to create a hub for development, employment and innovation that is inspired by and serves the entire community. Moreover, the Mission for the School is to empower Kenyan students - through stellar education - to become change-makers of the continent.

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September 1st 2019 - February 7th 2020
As our way of giving back, we decided to plant 1 tree for every purchase. With the orders we received between September 1st 2019 - February 7th 2020, we were able to donate 37,500 seeds. This was way past our goal, and we wouldn't have been able to do this without YOU! 
We partnered with Sidekick Foundation/Mara Elephant Project and Seedballs Kenya for this movement. They work with local communities to better understand and protect the elephants of the Maasai Mara - Serengeti ecosystem, as well as to preserve the natural environment. Please see below the certificate we were presented with after making the donation.
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